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Why extracurricular activities are must for students

Indians do more extracurricular activities than students in many other countries around the world, including sports and extra classes

Indian students cram more activities into their schedules than their peers in the 10 countries surveyed for Cambridge International’s Global Education Census 2018. Almost two-thirds of Indian students take extra tuition for key subjects after school, 72% participate in extracurricular activities, and 74% say they play sports regularly in school. They also rank highly on the time spent doing homework, with 40% spending 2-4 hours on their homework every day, while 37% spend the same time over the weekend, too. This study by Cambridge International, the provider of international education programmes, gives insights into what life is like in schools around the world for students and teachers. The survey was conducted with almost 20,000 teachers and students across the world, including 4,400 teachers and 3,800 students across India.

Interestingly, while the survey shows a positive shift in teaching culture in Indian schools, it also cements the country’s long-held fascination with engineering and medical careers.

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