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About Us

On 03/06/2014 Madhumay Educational And Research Foundation was established with an aim to grow the widespread advancement of redefined education and research. As the present scenario suggests if education is represented and provided with the new dimensions each day, learning and education will both become so interesting and easy. And it is a proven fact  that it  is even beyond imagination to think of  new dimensions, developing thoughts/education without research endeavours. Let we declare that for  these very basic education, research and thought expressions and materialisations as well as new innovations in education the institution has been making painstaking efforts and will it keep on as well.


Our main goal is to provide awareness, support facilities and work for the development of research and educational activities in the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.


Our Aim is to collect psychoanalytical and scientific researchable fact of all aspects  of human society as materialistic, spiritual, psychic and behavioural etc.

MEARF works on the principle of the education which focuses on publishing social human problems along with finding welfare-solutions.

Therefore, MEARF is really concerned with the generalization of educational and researchable facts in its coming forth-publishing issues to help society in going forth in advancement and prosperity.

This is our concern, this is our aim and this is our mantra.

MEARF Leadership

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Madhumay Educational And Research Foundation was founded on June 2014 by 11 persons. Its committee comprises of president, vice president, accountant and five other members. All the works, programs and activities are executed by the president or by the president approved person. All the letters, approval letters, notices, certificates etc are signed and issued by the president. The president is liable to all the issues of the institution. The president is committed to and abide by the terms and conditions of the institution


Dr. Neeraj Tiwari


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